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Udaan 2017-18

Annual Extension Work Festival 2015-16 – Udaan

Extension Report 2015-16

One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.
– John Fitzgerald Kennedy

To bring the difference in the world Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension, University of Mumbai is striving since many years. They are taking efforts to train the students to bring the change in the world. Pillai HOC College of Education and Research, Rasayani in association with Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension conducted Second Term Training Programme for the Extension activities at Pillai HOCL Educational Campus on 10th December, 2015. The professor-in charge and student managers from various colleges of Raigad District had attended this training. Approximately 57 participants had taken this training. The guest for the programme was Dr. Kunal Jadhav and his team. Also 10 Field Coordinators had attended the training.

They briefed everyone about the extension activities in detail. It was a proud privilege for Pillai HOC College of Education and Research to have been given chance by University of Mumbai to have such kind of training in their campus.

Extension Work (2011-12)

Our achievements in the Udaan Festival 2011-12 organized by the Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension, University of Mumbai under the Extension Work Programme are as follows:

  • Ms. Sampada Patil and Ms. Mayuri Jadhav were selected for compering at the Udaan Festival at Government College, Panvel 2011-12.


The scheme of Lifelong Learning and Extension is monitored through guidelines of University Grants Commission. Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension, University of Mumbai is the best in the field of extension and e-learning and its position is unique of its own among the Indian Universities. Extension Education and Field Outreach activities always work to encourage people to improve their conditions in all dimensions of their lives.
The development of people is the ultimate goal of extension education and field outreach activities.
The extension dimension is to reach the unreached. To facilitate the sensitization of the student to the socio-cultural realities, the Department of Life Long Learning and Extension offers the students extension work projects encompassing social issues. The student is awarded ten additional marks at the final exam for a project on completion of 120 hours of work and the submission of a project report which are undertaken by degree college students. There are seven types of Extension Work Projects offered by the Department under two different units.

Vocational Career Oriented Projects

  • Industry Oriented Project (IOP)
  • Anna Poorna Yojana (APY)
  • Career Project (CP)

Community Oriented Projects

  • Information and Communication Technology  Project (ICT)
  • National Institute of Open schooling (NIOS)
  • Survey of Women’s Status (SWS)
  • Population Education Club (PEC)

Pillai HOC College of Education and Research has undertaken three projects, Population Education Club (PEC), Survey of Women’s Status (SWS). The following Asst. Professors were in-charge of the Extension Work Portfolio.

Name of the Teacher EducatorProject
Asst. Prof. Sheetal KadamSWS
Asst. Prof. Vithoba SawantSWS
The following are the details of the number of students enrolled in each of the projects
Name of the ActivityNo. of students
The following Student Managers were selected to carry out the Extension Work Activities:
Name of the Student Manager
Gaddam Khushboo
Kandhari Minakshi

The Student Managers under the Extension Work Teachers guidance conducted different activities at the college and community level. Community level activities helped in sensitizing the students to various social issues.

Status of Women in Society (SWS)

This project is aimed at finding out the Status of Women in the Society. It is like a minor research. DLLE has provided with a questionnaire with 20 questions. These questions are based on views of women on their status in their family and the society. Students have to collect data from 30-50 women selecting a particular geographical area. The collected data has to be analyzed and conclusions should be recorded about the status of women. Women can be ‘Liberated’, ‘Informed’, ‘Aware’, ‘Inhibited’. Students enjoyed conducting this research and were surprised with their results. Some educated women were inhibited and some uneducated women were liberated.

Information and Communication Technology Project

Information Communication and Technology project aims at making student teachers techno-savvy & savant, this online programme is planned and organized by DLLE.
In this online project student teachers acquire the internet and basic computer operation skills. The student teachers get a choice to select the online courses related to their field of study. The student teachers have to register themselves with their personal as well as college details. After registration they are provided with a username and password sent on their personal e-mail id thru which they can login on www.mudlle.ac.in anytime, anywhere. The online programmes extend across a range of Arts, Social Studies and Information Technology Subjects which encourage us to develop new ideas and to respond flexibly and dynamically to learning needs.
The online programmes also include topics of relevant and current social issues such as Conservation of Environment, Child-Labor, Indian Population, Human Rights, Global Warming, Gender Discrimination, Information, Communication and Technology, Human Resource Management, Stock Market etc.
The student teachers can choose any topic of their choice and study the online courses and can also evaluate their learning by attempting the online quiz. Through this the student teachers not only gain knowledge on computer operation but also learn about the social issues. This kind of online programme has also helped to promote a meaningful and sustained rapport between the Universities and the community.

Annual Festival

The annual festival ‘UDAAN-The Flight of Extension’ was held on 27th January, 2012 at Government College, Panvel.

udaan2The festival held Skit and Poster competitions on the themes of the projects selected by different colleges. We participated in Skit for SWS project and Poster competition in SWS project.

udaan3The students enjoyed the activities throughout the year in the extension work. They had enriching experience which they would remember lifelong, besides they were also benefitted academically by securing 10 additional marks.

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